Macarons of Love (The Yolanda’s Yummery Series, Book 4)

yolandasyummery43D (1)Macarons of Love: (The Yolanda’s Yummery Series, Book 4)

Love, Valentine’s Day, Macarons, and… Murder?

Yolanda Carter is preparing for Valentine’s Day as romance and macarons are baking in Yolanda’s Yummery. But things take a dark turn when the body of someone she knows is found dead in a nearby dumpster. 

Teaming up with Detective Winston Churchill to find the killer, some employees are suspects, including Yolanda’s boyfriend, Nigel Garvey.

 A February 14 appearance on the TV show, America’s Best Bakeries, and the yummery’s upcoming first anniversary are overshadowed as she strives to run her business and help the detective. 

Macarons of Love also contains recipes for French macarons and cupcakes!

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