Does That Dirty Dawg Daryl Dixon Ever Shower?

By Lisa Maliga, copyright 2015 – 2016

I’ve written about Norman Reedus’s character Daryl Dixon in a previous post That Dirty Dawg, Norman Reedus [Daryl Dixon].

Not long after posting the above blog, Season 5, episode 12, Remember aired. Rick’s group arrives at Alexandria and they all have to get acclimated to civilized living in big houses with electricity and running water. Carol dresses up in a homemaker-type outfit of a sweater and slacks in order to let her “people person” persona shine. In the following scene, about halfway into the episode, we see Daryl in his standard vest and dirty jeans sitting on the porch railing as he cleans his crossbow. 

Carol: Have you taken a shower yet?

Daryl: [Nods] Um hum.

Carol: Take a shower. I’m gonna wash that vest. We need to keep up appearances – even you.

Daryl: Why start now?

Carol: I’m gonna hose you down in your sleep.

Daryl: You look ridiculous. [He’s scoffing at her clean white blouse and blue sweater.]

In the Season 6, episode 6 Always Accountable, Daryl’s fans finally got to see him. He’s been absent from the series since episode 3, Thank You. He only had a few lines in that episode, so to say we’re Daryl-deprived isn’t an understatement! Plus, we still don’t know if Glenn’s dead or alive.

Anyway, even after being injured, Daryl has the courtesy to remove his leather jacket and show us his arms. Sexy! Daryl also shows his compassionate side and helps a diabetic woman. But does he bathe? Nope. Has he bathed since arriving in Alexandria? What do you think?


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