The Soapmaker’s Guide to Online Marketing ~ Now in Paperback!

By Lisa Maliga, copyright 2017

optimized-the_soapmakers_guide_to_online_marketing_kindleThe Soapmaker’s Guide to Online Marketing was first published in 2013. I’ve taken the time to update and expand this helpful book for those of you who are selling [or thinking about selling] bath and body products online. Back in 2004, I opened up my store, I started off knowing very little about how to get people to visit my little website. I’m sharing what I’ve learned with anyone who wishes to get more customers. 

Best of all, this book is still the same low price it was when it first was published in June 2013. However, one thing’s changed — there finally is a paperback edition!

Much of the information in this book is also helpful for those creative people who sell other types of arts and crafts online.


Soapmakers and crafters, learn how to grow your online presence! “The Soapmaker’s Guide to Online Marketing is packed with detailed information on designing, building, and promoting your website. Learn how to write a press release. Get loads of free and low cost promotional ideas. Attract customers by blogging, making videos, and showing off enticing photos of your soaps and/or other bath and body products. Written by the author of “The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting” and more than a dozen other soap crafting books.

You’ll get:

♦ Successful SEO tips
♦ Free online and offline website promotion tips
♦ Helpful photo guidelines
♦ Video ideas
♦ 100+ updated links
♦ Getting product reviews
♦ Set up your work/crafting area
♦ Wholesaling and labeling guidelines
♦ Avoiding online fraud
♦ Tips on creating your product line
♦ Basic soap recipes
♦ More than 30 resources

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Please Don’t Bite Actor Norman Reedus!

By Lisa Maliga, copyright 2015

I’ve written two posts about Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl Dixon in the AMC series THE WALKING DEAD. Daryl totes a crossbow and fights zombies and bad guys in the popular Sunday night show, currently on hiatus. I’ve seen every episode more than once and look forward to the Season 6 midseason premiere on February 14, 2016.

While I like the show, I’ve not read the comic books, attended a convention or written to anyone affiliated with the show asking for an autograph, etc. I know that Norman Reedus plays a crossbow-carrying fellow, but doubt if he goes squirrel hunting in real life. I’ve read that he loves his son Mingus, photography, and cats. The man is owned by a lovely black cat, Eye In The Dark. Here’re some photos of them:

He’s opposed to animal testing as evidenced in a Cruelty-Free International ad campaign.

Many would agree that Mr. Reedus comes across as an animal loving nice guy.

norman reedus as daryl dixon in the walking deadHe portrays a disheveled and rugged sort of character. Someone who’s apparently allergic to bathing. In this EW cover photo, taken by Dylan Coulter, he’s wearing a customized “Bite Me” t-shirt. Was it his idea to wear it? Nope, but he agreed to it. EW photo editor, Michele Romero, suggested the concept and wrote the words on the shirt with a black marker. The costume designer added the heavily worn look.  The actor graced the magazine’s cover wearing it and the picture appeared on countless websites across the ‘net.

The headline to the article reads:

 This week’s cover: Walking Dead star Norman Reedus says ‘Bite me’

All was bite-free until Saturday, December 6, 2015 at the Walker Stalker Convention NY/NJ. Ten months after the magazine showed Norman modeling that soiled shirt, a fan took those two words far too literally. Here’s what happened:

What’s a fan to do? Especially a very fond of the series fan that’s almost the same age as Norman. Someone that feels a kinship with him, especially as she also loves Harley Davidson motorcycles. A woman who publicly posts: “Finally meet the love of my life, and get banned from the rest of CON and lose two more $100 photo ops with him because I lost my mind…”

Later in her post the woman admits to biting him, and expresses some degree of remorse. It doesn’t change what happened. 

However, the problem here is the overwhelming sense of delusion that the fan – short for fanatic? – acted upon. For years, she’s watched her favorite actor on TV. Now the chance to meet him has become a reality, for a price. Apparently, she spent $300 to meet and be photographed with him. Fueled by images seen on magazine covers, read about in articles and blog posts and seen on that TV show, the saturation of Norman Reedus crystallized into something memorable and surrealistic. She admits to loving the man, and that can comprise a spectrum of actions. How to show your love? Get his attention. Don’t just pose for a photo. Don’t just shake his hand and say howdy! Don’t just stand there with a dazed expression and do nothing. Nope, the woman imitated one of the many grunting cast members on the show: she bit him.

The actor posted the following photo on his Face Book page:


Was it worth it?

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