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pink clay & shea soap shampoo bar rebatch hand-milled soapYou’ll find all kinds of soapmaking stuff from articles to videos to photos. My specialty is melt and pour soapmaking [also known as soap crafting as it is a soap base]. I also work with hand-milled/rebatch soap which is the most natural type you’ll find.

Get inspired! Here are thousands of soap photos, recipes, and video tutorials from an array of talented soapmakers

Maybe you can relate to this?! How I Began Making My Own Soap

If you are a beginner, please make sure you peruse Melt and Pour Soap Basics.

See for yourself how easy it is to make a nice, healthy seaweed [melt and pour] soap. Seaweed Soap Video. And here’s the written Seaweed Soap Recipe.

NEW! Selling Your Soap at Craft Fairs & Farmer’s Markets

NEW & FREE! An easy to make soap — Vanilla Bean Melt & Pour Soap Recipe.

Like chocolate? Did you know it can be added to soap? Read more about it in Chocolate, Sex & Soap! So can wine! Check out Wine Soap Adventures!

What’s in your soap base??? Read “Organic and Sulfate Free Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Crafting Recipes” and find out! 

FREE! Liquid African Black Soap Recipes for Skin and Hair. Make your own liquid African black soap in minutes! Includes five easy recipes using natural ingredients. See all the links here: Liquid African Black Soap Recipes for Skin and Hair

NEW! Activated Charcoal Soap Benefits This type of charcoal is good to use any time of the year!

Oatmeal + Honey + Goat’s Milk Soap Recipe The best type of soap for all types of skin!

Happy Birthday Melt and Pour Soap Recipes ~ Recommended for creative people who enjoy making memorable birthday gifts!

Mini Birthday Cake Soap Recipe  Create a unique yet easy to make birthday gift for anyone with a birthday!

FREE eBook! Rooibos Tea and Pink Kaolin Shampoo Bar Recipe. Discover how to craft rebatch/hand-milled soap base into a unique and versatile shampoo bar for most hair types. Also includes a recipe for Rooibos tea and apple cider vinegar hair rinse.

Monoi de Tahiti Shampoo Bar Recipe ~ Tropical shampoo for all hair types!

Shea Butter Soap Recipe ~ Fun and easy to make!

Fun Foodie Soap Crafting – Create stunning soap that looks like food – or contains various fruits and vegetables. 

Be the cleanest prepper around! Check out The Prepper’s Guide to Soap Crafting and Soap Storage. Best of all — it’s less than a buck!

optimized-the_soapmakers_guide_to_online_marketing_kindleA book for ALL types of soapmakers — The Soapmaker’s Guide to Online Marketing. NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK! The Soapmaker’s Guide to Online Marketing.

NEW! Tropical Paradise Melt & Pour Soap Recipe – A fun recipe to make for those who love anything tropical!

Basic Aromatherapy, Part 1 — Learn more about it!

NEW! Melt and Pour Soap Presentation Read an excerpt from the new eBook, Happy Birthday Melt and Pour Soap Recipes.

Berry Blue Christmas Soap Recipe–good any time of the year!

Jelly Baby Melt and Pour Soap Recipe — Fun and easy to make! 

Apple Barrel Soap Recipe — easy M&P soap recipe. Really fun to craft with the kids!

Beer Hair Rinse Recipe So simple to make — good for most hair types.

Not soap — but good for your skin! Don’t Eat the Sugar Scrub Recipe.

LOVE YOUR SKIN!! What’s So Great About Nilotica Shea Butter? 

An introduction to soap crafting using a very natural ingredient. Read the FREE eBook Matcha Green Tea Melt & Pour Soap Recipe

LOOKING FOR FREE PUBLICITY? Do you make soap, lotions, shampoo, perfume, body butters, etc.? Want to be interviewed? See more information: Soapmakers/Bath and Body Products Crafters – Do You Want to be Interviewed?

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