Monoi de Tahiti: Spa in a Bottle

Monoi de Tahiti: Spa in a Bottle – What is Monoi de Tahiti and how will it benefit you? A bottle of this Polynesian beauty product has a variety of uses and will soothe your skin, hair and nails. “Monoi de Tahiti: Spa in a Bottle” is a unique e-book focused on this fragrant and natural Tahitian beauty oil. Receive an abundance of information along with never-before-seen recipes. The author has worked with Monoi de Tahiti for more than a decade and has added it to soap and other bath & body products.


“Would you love for your hair to look and smell like you’ve been on a vacation to Tahiti? Then coconut-based Monoi de Tahiti oil is for you. It can be added to shampoos and conditioners, or used as a conditioner. It can also be used as skin care because it is like a spa in a bottle filled with skin-soothing benefits and is highly versatile. Other ways this oil is used is in lip gloss, perfume, as bath oil, as a makeup remover, and is used in tanning to help skin from being dry and peeling. And the great thing about this oil is that it’s not greasy or sticky. It comes in a variety of scents, and it also comes unscented.

Monoi comes from Tahitian coconuts, obtained from naturally-dried coconuts and has a long shelf life. The book tells more about where the coconuts are grown how it is extracted. The base for Monoi de Tahiti, which is Tiare flowers, is a wonderful version of gardenia and it also contains soothing, purifying, and skin helping properties. To find out more about the Tiare flowers and their roll in this wonderful oil, you will need to read the book! Oh and there are some cool recipes in here, too.

Having always liked oils, lotions and soaps, I wanted to check this book out and see what this oil was about. I was very impressed with the pureness of it. This is the real stuff. It was also interesting reading about how the oils were extracted, how the flowers were added to the oils as the base, and all of the wonderful uses of it. This is a very informative little book telling you all you need to know about this Monoi de Tahiti oil, and where to buy the real stuff. But please be careful in purchasing Monoi de Tahiti: Spa in a Bottle because it is becoming increasingly popular, bringing many online and offline imitators. If it doesn’t say Appellation d’ Origin, don’t buy it, it’s fake.”
Joy, Manic Readers

I’ve heard of Monoi De Tahiti but after reading this book I learned that you can get it in many different flavors like vanilla and sandalwood! If you like all things natural like I do then you should learn more about monoi and how its good for your skin and hair and even lips. Ebook has good information and is worth the price.”
Dee, Amazon Reader Review

Links for this eBook: Amazon Kindle , Amazon Kindle UK, B&N Nook, Smashwords

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