Boxed Set Friday – The Prince Malock World Omnibus by Timothy L. Cerepaka

The Prince Malock World Omnibus

My name is Timothy L. Cerepaka. I am an indie author who writes primarily in fantasy (though I also plan to do some science-fiction).
Title: The Prince Malock World Omnibus
Author: Timothy L. Cerepaka
Brief description: This collection of epic fantasy/swords and sorcery ebooks contains the complete, four book Prince Malock World series at a value price.
Genre: Epic fantasy/swords and sorcery
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This boxed set is part of Smashwords’ July Summer/Winter Promotion? It is currently 75% off using the Smashwords promo code SSW75. Smashwords readers can get it for $2.50 through July 31, 2015!

Timothy L. Cerepaka
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