CONTEST: Guess the Mystery Berry!

By Lisa Maliga, Copyright 2017

mysterymacsAs I was making the filling for these berry  macarons, I thought of how much I’ve loved this flavor since childhood. I’ve made other purple macarons and matching fillings, and it occurred to me that this could be any number of purple berries – with or without seeds.

So, if you like mysteries and macarons and red/purple fruit, you can decipher the clue. Just guess the berry jam used to flavor these pretty purple French macarons. You’ll need to scroll down to see the photo of this berry jam as purple coloring was added to the berry buttercream filling.

To win all you do is chose the flavor! 

What will you win? I’m going to award TWO winners.

WINNER #1 ~ A $25 Amazon gift card. amazongiftcard


Baking French Macarons A Beginner’s Guide

Just pick the berry [pun intended] that went into filling these purple macarons! Write your berry good guess in the Leave a Reply section.

Here’s a list of one dozen berries, but only one is THE berry!

♥ Acai berry
MysteryBerryMacarons1♥ Blackberry
♥ Blueberry
♥ Boysenberry
♥ Cloudberry
♥ Dewberry
♥ Elderberry
♥ Huckleberry
♥ Loganberry
♥ Marionberry
♥ Mulberry
♥ Raspberry


♥ I’ve never made or written about this particular berry jam before.

♥ This is a North American grown berry with seeds. I used the seedless jam because that’s what I found at the store.  This reddish purplish colored berry is high in calcium and the peak season is from June through August.

♥ It has a strong connection with Southern California although it also grows in Oregon.

A photo of the mystery berry jam:

Mystery Berry Jam

This fruit will also be making an appearance in one of my upcoming cozy mystery books when it’s released later this year.

Winners will be selected via the Random Name Picker. []

Have fun picking your berry! Pick one berry per entry. Enter more than once if you like.

The winners will be announced here and on my Face Book page. So you might like to be a blog subscriber or a friend on Face Book, YouTube, and/or my newsletter.

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Contest ended Sunday, June 18, 2017.

1st prize ~ $25 Amazon gift card plus the mystery berry recipe.

2nd prize ~ eBook edition of BAKING FRENCH MACARONS: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE plus the mystery berry recipe.

Post announcing the name of the winners and the berry!



20 thoughts on “CONTEST: Guess the Mystery Berry!

  1. if I can try again, I’m not giving up, it comes from the sky above fluffy they are Cloudberries of Oregon! But these are ruby red and purple? So lets give them a try? Am I right?


  2. Thank you everyone for the comments. I’m extending the contest another day so you have until the 18th. The winners will be announced, along with a photo of the berry jam, on Monday, June 19. Have a berry good weekend! 🙂


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