Plagiarism Isn’t Cute!

By Lisa Maliga

Copyright 2014

My eBook, Matcha Green Tea Melt & Pour Soap Recipe, had been plagiarized. This free 23-pager is available on Amazon, B&N NOOK, Smashwords, Kobo, and many other places online.

I burst out laughing when I saw that someone named Jay Cute had disfigured the cover: plagueMatcha

Wow, great job of hiding my name! I think children in the lower levels of grade school could do better work.

Also, this individual had the nerve of whittling the eBook down to 15 pages and charging $2.50. Mr. or Ms. Jay Cute also took the time to enroll it in the Kindle Unlimited program, which the original is not.

The person who emailed me about this theft also included an Amazon link to report the problem. I saw the faux eBook had acquired a few one-star reviews, all warning people not to purchase it as it was plagiarized.

On December 7, there were 37 eBooks attributed to the busy Jay Cute:

But by the early morning hours of December 8, they had vanished into cyberspace.

I also want to thank fellow author Glynis Smy for posting this information on my Facebook page – helping to warn others about this not-so-cute thief who stole people’s eBooks. Before the eBooks vanished, I noticed that one of the stolen books had a ranking of about 567,000. Unfortunately, that meant that at least one copy had been sold.

At least the problem was taken care of once it was made public. Thanks to those who care about plagiarized works and take the time to do something about it.

NOTE: If you discover a plagiarized book on Amazon, here’s the link to report it:


9 thoughts on “Plagiarism Isn’t Cute!

  1. Lisa I am so sorry to hear this happened to your book. It is wonderful to have published friends aware of these type of issues to help keep an eye out for plagiarized works. What tips do you offer lay persons on how one can help and be aware of stolen words? Best of luck with this issue.


    1. Thanks, Pam.
      I just updated the blog to include the link on Amazon where you can report what they call infringement.
      Fortunately, in the Jay Cute case, it was so blatant it was easy to spot. I had another work plagiarized and another telltale sign may be the eBook is very poorly formatted as the “author” just stole articles from the internet. Thanks for asking about this!


  2. Ms. Lisa Maliga, thank you for the update about your book, Some people make me sick to my stomach I have been writing articles since 2005, making cold press soap since 2009, People that think this business is playtime need to get a life…it takes time, money, sweat and tears to do what we do.. And for someone to just walk up and try to steal our honest work is disgraceful… There should be a written law that would allow us to prosecute to the full extent of the law…Take care I am glad you found out before they damaged your name…Kudos to you Ms. Smy we appreciate people like you…


  3. Hi Lisa,

    It’s too bad that some knuckleheads are too lazy to create their own work and steal that of others.
    I’m very glad that you were able to get this taken care of.


    1. Hi Tony,
      You’re right, there are a few knuckleheads who do stuff like this. But when Amazon became aware of the problem, they quickly removed all 37 stolen eBooks so that’s good news!


      1. Hats off to Amazon for taking care of the problem.

        Sometimes it may take Amazon a while to locate and eradicate the problem. At the end of the day they realize that marketplace integrity influences their bottom line.

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