Apple Barrel Soap Recipe

apple barrel glycerin soap By Lisa Maliga

Copyright 2013-2016

This is a fun and easy soap to make. Apples are good every day of the year, you know about that apple a day remedy! The resulting soap can have several variations in color and fragrance.

Apple Barrel Soap


8 ounces clear melt and pour soap base

pinch of burgundy mica

smaller pinch of gold mica [optional]

1/2 teaspoon apple fragrance oil


2 four-ounce round molds


Slice up soap base into small cubes and melt. Just before the soap is fully melted, add mica and fragrance. Mix well and pour into molds. Spritz away any bubbles with rubbing alcohol. Allow soap to harden in fridge, freezer, or remain at room temperature. Remove from molds. Make sure soap is at room temperature before wrapping. Wrap in cling wrap and label.

prepper's guide to soap crafting and soap storage lisa maligaFrom the 0.99 eBook The Prepper’s Guide to Soap Crafting and Soap Storage.


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