What’s So Great About Grapefruit?

By Lisa Maliga

Copyright 2010-2013

pink grapefruit essential oil soap
Pink Grapefruit E.O. Soap

When it comes to scents, I don’t fool too easily. I listen to my instincts.  And here’s why:  when working with essential and fragrance oils we learn that an OOB [Out Of Bottle] scent is taken as just that—something we can smell in a condensed form. It may smell like the real deal or like its third cousin. In other words, refrain from judging it too lovingly or too harshly, as we need to put it into a product to get its true aroma.

That bottle of grapefruit EO had enough to make a test batch of grapefruit soap. As soon as the soap was removed from the freezer, obviously still cold, the scent only half-awake, I wanted to use it. But I patiently waited until it hit room temperature. Then it was shower time. Wow! What an invigorating aroma. It was clean and fresh and – sparkling! Nothing like that bitter citrus smell I was used to. It smelled so good I wanted to bite into that bar of soap. But that wouldn’t happen as I knew only too well the difference between smell and taste didn’t work in soap as it did in food.

When purchasing any citrus oil, keep in mind that lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, neroli, tangerine, petitgrain, yuzu, bergamot and both pink and white grapefruit will have a shorter shelf life. Pink versus white grapefruit oils have a minor difference: pink is considered the sweeter smelling.  There is also a ruby red grapefruit EO which I haven’t tried — yet.

Grapefruit is popular for more than just its sparkling natural fruity aroma. It can uplift your mood and it’s supposed to be able to help eliminate cellulite. All in all, grapefruit essential oil is a boost of good cheer in a bottle.

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