I WANT YOU: Seduction Emails from a Narcissist ~ An Excerpt

By Lisa Maliga

Copyright 2011-2016

iwantyou (1)Here is an excerpt to show how easy it is for a narcissist/sexual predator/online stalker to find his next willing victim.


This was clearly an online fling that lasted only a few days. Arlen was claiming to be in his no more hornies stage of life but the temptation was too overwhelming when he happened upon a married blonde woman whom he admitted looked like a woman he had known a few years ago.

Date: June 1, 2007

From: Debra

What happened? Where did you go?

From: Triplesmartproductions

Debra, I have no idea. Server must’ve gone down today, then today we’re back on, no explanation or anything. I wish someone would explain it all to me!
Thanks for writing, pretty lady, it’s always great to hear from you.

From: Debra

Thanks for the compliment. And I love the smoochies!!!

So since you are still online, tell me something about yourself that you have never, ever told a living sole before!

From: Triplesmartproductions

Debra, you can never tell this to anyone – I’d rather drink a frozen daquiri than a beer!
Promise not to tell?
Double smoochies if you don’t!

From: Debra

I’m not sure I can keep that one to myself, but I will give it the old college try. As for myself, depends on the tempurature. Wow! This is real investigative work! I am giddy from shock!
Triple smoochies!

From: Triplesmartproductions
You’re a pretty, sweet lady. I’m glad we’re getting to talk, normally during the day and early evening I get so many messages I can’t talk to anyone. You’re fun!
One nose kiss,

From: Debra

Thank you sir! And may I say the same to you. Not the pretty part though. Handsome would do much better in this situation. There is one burning question I have been dying to ask: Is it really hell being popular?
I’ll see your nose kiss and raise you a peck on the neck!

From: Triplesmartproductions

Honestly, sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s kinda like work. You want to be nice to everyone, but there’s just so many hours in the day. I’m just grateful people seem to like what I write and do, it’s an honor for people to read my stuff.
A peck on the neck? I’ll do one better, I’ll give you one full fledged neck nuzzle!

Date: June 2, 2007

From: Debra

Oops! Did I offend? I apologize if I did. But I do enjoy talking to you and I will read your work and I hope you will stay my friend and this is becoming a runon sentence and I am not exactly sure where I should end it so I will just make a commitment and go out on a limb and end it here!

From: Triplesmartproductions

Darlin, you didn’t offend at all, trust me. You’ll laugh, but I fell asleep at my keyboard, I probably answered over a hundred messages last night!
But only person’s did I answer more than once……

From: Debra

So glad handsome author! Sorry! The pressures of fame must be tremendous! LOL! But seriously folks…I’m sure keeping up with thousands of people on this thing has to be exhausting! My ego is only slightly bruised – nothing fatal.
Thanks also for the multiple answers. So happy we’re getting along…wait for it…famously!
Good morning Smoochies

From: Triplesmartproductions

Darlin’, how are you? We meet again and I’m awake!
Returning good morning smoochies,

From: Debra

I know I’m worth waitng for but did you stay at your computer all night? Hope not, Arlen. Need to keep that strength up.
BTW, should we tell our spouses that we’re having this online fling? I’m almost at the point where I can’t start the day without my Arlen!
Spare smoochies for later on

From: Triplesmartproductions

Darlin’, there’s no reason to let go of what you want, now is there?
I enjoy you, hope you’ll want to continue talkin’.
One good kiss,

From: Debra

I do so agree! I love talking to you! But without coffee, it is a bit challenging. You keep me on my toes, with or without caffeine.
One kiss and a hint of tongue (getting daring now)

From: Triplesmartproductions

Want my private email addy? My manager can access this account, so want to talk elsewhere?
More than a hint of tongue,

From: Debra

Tell you what, my Southern Smoothie. Here is mine and use it if you desire. Xxxxx.xxxxi want you: seduction emails from a narcissist by lisa maliga paperback Ear nibble a quick lick!

I WANT YOU: Seduction Emails from a Narcissist [paperback edition on the right]

ebook links: Amazon Kindle, B&N NOOK, Smashwords

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