Nuts About Shea Butter

Learn why the world is going nuts about African shea butter in this latest release by bath & body products designer, Lisa Maliga. “Nuts About Shea Butter” explores the origins of shea butter, the different types on the market, and how it enhances your natural beauty.


In NUTS ABOUT SHEA BUTTER the reader will discover shea butter’s benefits, its numerous applications, and how to get optimal use from this healthy and natural nut fat. Learn about the differences between East African and West African shea butter. What is the right kind of shea butter for your needs? Various types of shea butter and shea oil are described in this cutting edge e-book.

Used in African countries for centuries, shea butter has been an ingredient in medicines for the preparation of skin ointments, and to treat inflammation, sunburn, chapping, rashes and more. Written for the consumer and the bath & body products crafter, NUTS ABOUT SHEA BUTTER contains fascinating facts and effective explanations. Shea butter is an ancient African beauty secret that is becoming more popular everywhere.

The author has worked with shea butter for more than a decade and named her company after this star ingredient.

This e-book also includes information on reliable sources for buying shea butter.

Shea butter is recommended for just about anyone who wants to care for their skin and hair the natural way.

NUTS ABOUT SHEA BUTTER can be found online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble NOOKbooks.

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